Celine Dion

Pete Times Forum on Wednesday, 28th January.. Celine performs in St. Grammy Award winner Celine Dion has spent the last four years, raising his family and hold a steady gig at Caeser Palace in Las Vegas. Now, it back on the road in support of his latest album, Taking Chances.

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Dumanis Urges Schwarzenegger Not To Cut Law Enforcement Programs

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has sent a letter urging the Governor and legislators Arnold Schwarzenegger not endanger innocent people by cutting law programs. With the state problems of money, the programs at risk for cuts gang execution, Lo-Jack execution, rape and execution units of words..

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Paris Hilton Says No To Amy Winehouse Friendship

After a day of promotion, it was noted Paris Hilton arriving at Covent Garden Hotel in central London on Tuesday night (January 27). L heiress, who wore a beautiful pink dress and a pair of Gina-encrusted Swarovski crystal Gilda shoes, is in the United Kingdom for the launch of its new reality show, Paris Hiltons British Best Friend..

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Palin Quot Church To Reopen Sunday

Wasilla Bible Church to reopen Sunday. Sarah Palin home church is set to reopen this weekend after a fire caused considerable damage. Five people were inside the structure when of the fire, but escaped unharmed.. The church was damaged in an arson December 12. Gov.

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Leona Lewis To Launch Own Fragrance

The best time hitmaker is working in collaboration with the German brand beauty LR to develop its brand fragrance. Over the curves, and Leona Lewis, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham have in common? Well, the answer is: a signature scent. Leonas representative told that she is involved in every aspect of the production of fragrances, perfumes to choose notes to work on the design of the bottle and packaging..

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